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Africa Nations
From left to right: Fardeen Sairally (Mauritius), Achraf Faraj (Morocco), David Payet ( Reunion Islands), Joe Fanto (WEPF President), Anya Roux (South Africa), Mourad Chair (Algeria) and Koos Steyn (South Africa).

Photo taken at the 2017 European Championships Presentation Banquet, Blackpool, England


On 15th February 2017 in Blackpool, England, the WEPF full executive held a meeting with Eight-ball Pool body representatives from five African Nations:

Algeria, Mauritius, Morocco, Reunion Islands and South Africa.

I am very pleased to report that the meeting was very positive, with all parties mutually agreeing commitment to the promotion and development of our sport in Africa.

The African delegates went away from the meeting and before leaving Blackpool, they again met and all agreed to constitute an All African Eightball Association to organise and develop Pool in Africa.

The names and positions representing the newly constituted body are as follows:

President - Koos Steyn (South Africa)

Vice President - David Payet (Reunion Islands)

Secretary - Achraf Faraj (Morocco)

Treasurer and Promotions - Anya Roux (South Africa)

Rules and Referees - Trevor Wilcox (South Africa)

Algeria Representative - Mourad Chair

Mauritius Representative - Shabbir Jepaul

The All African President has since reported that Tunisia and Senegal have also joined the new body.

The WEPF congratulates the new committee on taking this initiative, we offer our support and wish you lots of success in your mission to promote and develop Eight-Ball Pool in Africa.

Joe Fanto
President - World Eightball Pool Federation


4th February 2014

It has come to the WEPF's attention that certain representatives of the Pool Federation of Wales have recently made a series of allegations in various public forums regarding the conduct of the WEPF executive.

It is normally the policy of the WEPF not to comment publicly on disputes with member associations, but given the gravity of the allegations and the potential negative impact on the WEPF and its members, the executive has resolved
that it should issue this public statement to clarify the position.

The underlying dispute between the Pool Federation of Wales and the WEPF stems from a disagreement which arose
at the 2013 AGM. Since then, relations have deteriorated substantially and the Pool Federation of Wales has raised
various concerns over the governance of the WEPF. These concerns have been investigated fully and have been found
to be totally baseless. Unfortunately, matters have now escalated to the point where the original allegations have resurfaced in an exaggerated form and are now being repeated by those with no knowledge of the underlying facts.

The WEPF has written separately to the Pool Federation of Wales and very much hopes that it will be possible to
resolve matters such that the Welsh team is able to participate in the forthcoming 2014 World Eightball Pool Championships. In the meantime, the WEPF is concerned to ensure that the malicious rumours currently being spread do not damage preparations for that event.

For the avoidance of doubt:

1. The 2013 World Championships were sponsored by the Puma Hotels Group, a longstanding and valued supporter of the organisation. The details of that sponsorship agreement are correctly reflected in the accounts of the English Pool Association (EPA), who were responsible for staging the event.

2. The suggestion that the WEPF turned down a substantial alternative sponsorship offer is completely untrue. The WEPF is grateful for the support that has been provided over the years by a number of major sponsors and is always more than happy to discuss new sponsorship opportunities.

3. There is not, and has never been, any investigation by HMRC into the EPA's tax affairs. As part of the dispute with
the Pool Federation of Wales, it appears that certain individuals sought to encourage HMRC to commence such an investigation in an attempt to gain leverage. HMRC has not however done so. The EPA's accounts are verified each
year by a qualified accountant and HMRC has never raised any concerns about their contents.

4. There is not, and has never been, any police investigation into the conduct of any members of the WEPF executive.
It appears that certain individuals started a rumour to that effect for purely malicious reasons and without any basis whatsoever.


IBSF Board delivers a new cloth contract with Strachan

Strachan has once again been selected by the International Billiard and Snooker Federation as their official cloth supplier. The new contract means that Strachan 6811 Tournament cloth will continue to be used at the IBSF World Championships for years to come.
Strachan cloth is manufactured by WSP Textiles Ltd in Stroud, UK. Its flagship cloth, Strachan Championship No 10, has featured at the Professional World Championship at the Crucible in Sheffield for over thirty years.

Newly elected IBSF President Jim Leacy said the game needed the highest quality products to help it continue to be a success and bring through the next generation of global stars.

He said: “We are delighted to agree a new contract with Strachan, making this one of our longest partnerships. We have chosen Strachan 6811 since 1997. Strachan cloth gives us the speed, consistency and control that modern players need, to perform at the very highest level.

The high quality playing conditions provided at our tournaments are the best in the world. This is a key factor in the rising standard of play as we push to develop and grow the sport in an ever increasing list of countries.”

Strachan Sales Director, Duncan Kettell added: “Cloth is vitally important to the success of an event. As a natural product, great expertise is needed to provide the characteristics demanded by top players and tournament organisers. Speed, response and control are vital to the success of an event”.

The new contract is already starting to create opportunities as Strachan look to new markets around the world where tournament organisers are keen to be part of the success story that is Strachan snooker and pool cloth.

“Strachan offers their full support to the newly elected board headed by Leacy and the newly signed contract is our vote of confidence in their ability to run events of the highest quality and support the game going forward,” added Kettell.

IBSF events this year will take place in China, Thailand and Latvia.

Pictured - Jim Leacy (IBSF President) and Stuart Gardiner (Strachan Senior Account Manager) at the contract signing during the 2013 8-Ball European Championships at the Imperial Hotel Blackpool.

Issued by WSP Textiles, February 2013

WEPF executive board meet IBSF President Jim Leacy.

The World Eightball Pool Federation (WEPF) were proud to be the hosts for the contract signing between Strachan and the IBSF which will mean Strachan 6811 tournament cloth will continue to be the official cloth supplier for the Federation. Both the IBSF for Snooker and the WEPF for Eightball Pool share a long standing connection with Strachan who have supplied fabric and sponsorship for the 21 years that the World Eightball Pool Championship have been held.

Strachan 6811 has also been used at the Professional World Championships for over thirty years and at IBSF World Championships since 1997.

The signing was at the European Eightball Pool Championships, held at the 4 star Imperial Hotel in Blackpool, which attracted record attendance of over 500 players and supporters.

Whilst in Blackpool, Jim held a meeting with the executive members of the WEPF to discuss positive directions for future involvement between the World Snooker Bodies and the World Eightball Pool Federation. Further meetings are planned in the near future with the possibility of planning joint ventures between the Cuesport organisations.

On behalf of the WEPF, General Secretary Alan Benton thanked Jim Leacy the newly elected IBSF President for taking the time to visit the European Championships and looked forward to welcoming him back to Blackpool in July as the guest of honour, when the World Eightball Pool Championships will be televised for SKYSPORTS transmission. Alan also thanked Stuart Gardiner, Strachan Senior Account Manager for the valuable support and 3 year contract which was recently signed between Strachan and the World Eightball Pool Federation.



The new format for the World Championships which has been transmitted on SKY SPORTS for the past seven weeks has received much acclaim from viewers.

Whilst the Individual events won by John Roe and Sue Thompson showed increased viewing figures, it was the introduction of additional televised matches in the men's team championship which has helped to show a new dimension to the sport. In-depth interviews in the televised stages have shown some of the great personalities we have in the championships giving a much better presentation of the individuals and teams involved.

With the 2013 Worlds starting on 23rd June, every country wants a chance to show their players on SKY SPORTS and it is planned to further increase the team coverage for next year.

Of all the games shown, it was the semi-final between Ireland and Scotland which demonstrated the passion shown in the team events in a truly memorable match.

The bottom line is very simple, WEPF have found a new way of showing the game of Pool on television which is exciting to watch and can compete with other major sports.

In addition to the 2013 World Championships being transmitted on SKY SPORTS it is also planned to televise the play-off section of the UK Tour Premier league which will vastly increase the T.V. coverage of the sport and more is planned for 2014. Further details will be issued when finalised in what is an exciting time ahead for the members of the WEPF and World Rules followers.

Other great news from the WEPF is the introduction of new international members from Morocco and Japan both of whom are eager to enter into the world arena and spread the sport into new areas of the globe. New Zealand are returning to the federation whilst our members in South Africa are experiencing a return to their former glory having recently hosted the British Lions in a test series.

Looks like exciting times for World Eightball in the coming years.

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