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Welcome to

The Imperial Hotel


World Pool Championships


Blackpool once again plays host to the world’s premier eight-ball pool
event and I am delighted to welcome you here to the World Pool Championships,
which is proudly sponsored by The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool.
We have hosted this event at The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool for the last eleven
years and have developed a long and fruitful relationship with the sport of Pool
which is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities in the country.
This year’s event, like those that have gone before, has been organised by
the host country’s English Pool Association on behalf of the world governing
body, the World Eightball Pool Federation, and I would like to thank both these
organisations for their continued commitment and support.
This event is set to be the most exciting yet, with the introduction of Live
Streaming to cover the all stages of the event, which will ensure those who will not
be here in Blackpool have the same opportunity to enjoy all the action and
excitement of the No 1 event in Pool – The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool World
Eightball Pool Championships.

Alison Gilmore

Alison Gilmore
The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool
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