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Editor’s Notes The Australian contingent couldn’t

Welcome to the final UK Tour of 2016 and manage one of the two blue
what another excellent year it has been for
our 8-Ball game. riband individual events. But they were

Two new WEPF World Singles champions, a outstanding throughout the
new European men’s champion, some of
the ‘old guard’ proving they are still up for Championships,
the challenge and an international scene
that proves England doesn’t dominate like collecting titles left right and centre to
it once did.
And discussions taking place for 2017 justify their decision to again make the long
suggest it may prove even harder in the
future for Home Nations to claim the major and expensive trip to the UK.
Wayne Stubbs travelled further than
Firstly, to the UK Tour with Phil Harrison and
Mick Hill battling it out for top spot in the most - from Tasmania - to win the Senior
rankings. Harrison has appeared in three of
the four finals already played, winning two World Masters and wins like his and others
of them, while Hill can finish the year on a
high after the disappointment of losing his should encourage the Aussies to keep
world title.
The four Challenge events have yielded travelling.
four separate winners including Challenge
Two which went to Shaun Chipperfield. The men’s team event-won by the
And what a year to remember for the
Norwich postman whose red letter day was Aussies-attracted 14 nations with the
the final of the WEPF World Championship
in Blackpool. It certainly wasn’t a ‘Shaun promise of even more in 2017.
fire thing’ he would win before the
tournament. Talks are underway that could end with

China being admitted to the World 8-Ball

Pool Federation and what a shot in the arm

for the sport that would be. Cyprus has

also expressed an interest in joining the

world governing body.

And while an African Nations Cup in

Blackpool seems a little incongruous that’s

the scenario next February to encourage

the growth of the game in that part of the


The event will run alongside the 2017

European Championships with the

intention of helping establish regular

competition between the African countries.

However, as the big names came and So, all in all positive times ahead including
went, Chipperfield and Suffolk rival Karl the growth of the ladies’ Premier League
Sutton were left standing. And it was which goes from strength to strength. The
Chipperfield’s attacking brand of pool that opportunity for the girls to compete
triumphed as Sutton failed to add to the alongside the men in the Challenge event
European title he won earlier in the season. has been firmly welcomed again showing
Congratulations to Sabrilla Brunet-the first pool as an inclusive sport, breaking down
French player to win a WEPF World Singles barriers.
event since the Championships began in
1993. Brunet was outstanding and Trevor Baxter - Editor
promises to be a threat for years to come. Email:

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