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     Editor’s Notes

     Welcome to the final UK Tour of what has  Darren Appleton, Jason Twist and Potts to
     been another eventful year for 8-Ball Pool  name a few.
     both domestically and internationally.  Top or not, he would be one of the first
                                           names inducted into an English 8-Ball Hall
     So,  firstly  it’s  congratulations  to  Tom  of Fame.
     Cousins  and  Mick  Hill  for  writing  their
     names  in  the  record  books  of  this  great  The World Championships also brought a
     game.                                 second ladies individual title in three years
                                           for Amy Beauchamp. And the Nottingham
     Many players had tried, including ‘super  player showed her dominance this year by
     Mick’, but no one had managed to win  also winning the World Masters.
     three successive Tours until ‘TC’ came along
     at the start of this season.          The  international  game  took  more  step
                                           forwards in 2017, both involving Morocco.
     Wins  over  Steve  Petty,  Dylan  Leary  and
     Harjeet Singh earned Tom his place in the  The Moroccan challenge never materialised
     history manuals.                      at the World Championships this year but
                                           the game has more than just a foothold in
     Of  course,  you  never  say  never,  but  I  the north African country.
     suspect  it  might  be  some  time  before
     anyone  comes  close  to  emulating  Tom’s  In February, the African Nations Cup was
     hat-trick.                            held for the first time in Blackpool, incor-
                                           porated into the European Championships.
     All good things come to an end and that  At the same event the All-African 8-Ball
     was  the  case  at  Tour  Four  where  Adam  Pool Association was formed resulting in
     Davis  denied  him  four-in-a-row  before  the recent Nations Cup hosted in Tangiers;
     going on to claim the title for himself.  a  singles  and  team  competition  won  by
                                           Dave Fernandez and England B.
     If memory serves Mick has won more UK
     crowns than any other player and at the  However,  with  teams  from  Senegal,
     World Championship, he again showed his  Algeria  and  Spain  involved  in  the  latter
     undoubted class.                      event,  there’s  expectation  of  new  talent
                                           being  introduced  for  future  World
     Arriving in Blackpool, he shared the record  Championships.  Indeed,  Spain  has  now
     of three men’s singles titles with Gareth  applied  to  join  the  World  8-Ball  Pool
     Potts. Now, Mick is out on his own after   Federation.
     defeating Tom in the semi-finals and Phil
     Harrison (11-8) in the final.         So, an intriguing year, hopefully topped off
                                           by a cracking final UK Tour. Good luck to
     So, where does Mick stand among the all-  all the players.
     time greats? He has spanned different eras
     of the game and was part of the ‘golden  Trevor Baxter - Editor
     generation’  along  with  Chris  Melling,   Email:

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