Press Releases



Dear Members,

On the 24th April the WEPF executive held a meeting by Skype and I provide the following update.

We hope that you are all safe in your respective Countries and acknowledge that the health and well being of you and your families is the most important aspect of our lives at this present time, we are all under strict direction and restrictions of our respective Health Authorities and Governments in an effort to one day return to normal activities once we are all assured by the authorities and confident that we have overcome the dangers of the continual spread of Covid-19.

At this point in time when that day will be, we do not know, with the added complication that different Countries are at different stages of this epidemic strain than others.

When we last reported in mid March 2020 we advised that we have rescheduled the World Championships to commence in mid November 2020, and to be held in England.

Since then the English Pool Association have unfortunately had to inform us that due to the Imperial Hotel not being available for mid November 2020, and nor could another appropriate hotel be found for our event within acceptable price range they have had to withdraw from hosting the World Championship 2020.

We are extremely grateful for the massive efforts of the EPA to host these Championships since 1993.

Subsequently with assistance from David McQuillan and the Irish Pool Association they have managed to find an appropriate venue near Dublin, Ireland for the event to start mid November 2020 and they are prepared to host the 2020 Championships.

We have decided that at present we remain optimistic that the World Championships may still happen in 2020 and presently are leaving it open for this to happen, however we are also mindful that many factors will have to align for preparation of the event and participation of your respective countries to participate if possible.

We have set ourselves the 30 June 2020 as the deadline to make the ultimate decision of whether the Championships will go ahead or not, taking into consideration consultation with you the members and of course advice from the various health authorities and Governments.

Please keep safe but feel free at any time you believe appropriate to start communicating any matters in relation to the current status or foreseeable issues with your Sport in the light of these difficult times and possibility of attending the World Championships 2020 if it is possible for them to go ahead in Mid November 2020.

Kindest Regards
Joe Fanto
President WEPF
25 April 2020