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Statement related to Supreme Rules and new Sponsorship offer proposed to the members of the WEPF

Dear Members,

The WEPF Executive would like to take this opportunity to share some facts on what has transpired in the last 8 months that brings the WEPF and its members to this Sponsorship opportunity, if they decide to adopt the Supreme Rules.

Supreme rules

Lee Kendall owns the rights to the Rules.

Lee’s objective and the intent of the WEPF Executive is to try and elevate the profile of our sport to a level that it truly deserves, and in particular playing Rules that are both enjoyable and more conducive to attracting Television back to our game.

Also playing one rule set is the ultimate goal. If associations agree to adopt them then Lee will give them the copyright under these conditions.

They stick to the agreed Constitutional guidelines and not make changes until permitted.

If multiple associations adopt them they must work together so they don't become two rule sets.

The Sponsor

Lee Kendall’s relationship with Mark Quirk.

It is Mark's idea to invest heavily with an ambition to unite the sport, Mark approached Lee to assist with this plan, knowing Lee’s passion for 8ball. So now the dream and ultimate ambition is to make it a reality together for the future of World 8ball pool.

Firstly Mark has personally invested £30,000 towards the 2021 World Championships to demonstrate his serious commitment.

There has already been conversation with Ross McInnes, Kevin Barton Mike Perkins and the WEPF executives to discuss the possibility of working together in the future, and we anticipate further discussions.

Lee has been totally transparent with the WEPF Executive on this matter, and the WEPF Executive have known Mark's intentions from the beginning. Mark approached Lee back in November 2019 to work privately with him, however in Lee’s role as Sponsorship and Marketing Director of the WEPF Lee felt it was his obligation to request of Mark that sponsorship be directed to the WEPF, and together with the member Countries and their players work towards achieving our dream for the Sport.

Hence at this present time we have 30,000 pounds in the bank account for 2021 and a proposed 120,000 pound Sponsorship contract on the table for the members of the WEPF to consider at the upcoming 2020 AGM.

Kind regards

WEPF Executive